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Positioned to be the next Head Councilman of the Prophecy, but refused his calling for a more adventurous life. ODI has taken up with the hunters of Makhana, the ones responsible for feeding the city and the most dangerous group of people his father will allow him to associate with. ODI spends most of his days hiding in trees waiting for his traps to be sprung. He yearns for a life outside of Makhana, a life of adventure. When Brandon comes around, ODI finds his ticket to this life and seizes it.

General Artemis Sparks
The General in the Makhanan army, Artemis has achieved hero status through the legends of his compassion on the battlefield. When fighting under Artemis, it is clear that every life matters and any loss is tragic. Despite being offered a promotion (one which would take him off the battlefield), his effectiveness in battle, forces him to decline to defend the victims of war and force justice upon the wicked. When Brandon arrives on Tarsus, Artemis is given the task of escorting and protecting him on his journey to find the treasures. 

Orileous D Ishwald
The King of Makhana, head councilman for the Council of Elias, and ODI's father. Ishwald and the council has spent their lives protecting the secret locations of the treasures. With the ominus threat of Captain Jameson DeVille spreading across Tarsus, the treasures must be protected more than ever. When Brandon arrives to Makhana, Ishwald immediately rises to action, sending Brandon along with General Artemis Sparks to begin his journey to find the seven treasures and fulfill the Prophecy of Elias. 

The savior, Elias started his rise to prominence as a boy. His father’s murder drove him to fight against the evil that had taken over his homeland. He rallied together a following and trained them to be an army. Elias led his men into battle against the ruler of his land. During the battle, he was killed, only to be resurrected through a bolt of lightning. He dethroned the ruler and started the rebellion across Tarsus to return it to its rightful glory.

"The Traveler", "The Savior Reborn" is called many things, but to the people that know him best, he is Brandon. Brandon Connors is a high school junior who’s not too sure of himself. He’s too sarcastic to hang out with the cool kids, not smart enough to hang out with the smart kids. He’s not much of an athlete and he’s never kissed a girl. Nothing special. That all changed when he was magically transported to Tarsus. A stranger in a strange land, it is foretold that Brandon has arrived to save Tarsus. Brandon is forced to live up to the beliefs of the world when he doesn’t even know if he believes in himself.

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