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Artist | Writer: Samuel Rivera

Sam has had a passion for the arts since he was very young. He fell in love with cartoons, comic books, toys, video games and movies, as well as how they were made. Being inspired by the pioneers of the entertainment industry, He knew his purpose in life was to inspire, and enrich the lives of others with rich stories, stunning visuals, and products. In 2005, he began his journey into the digital world of art to create a unique style that has evolved to a professional level, using industry standard software and tools. 

Writer: Jerry Willoughby

Jerry grew up watching 90s cartoons like Spider-Man and The X-Men. In high school he discovered that comics could be so much more after reading Garth Ennis' Punisher. He studied film editing at Columbia College Chicago with the hopes of joining the film industry. He attended a comic writing class his senior year and realized making comics didn’t have to be a pipe dream, but could become his reality. Jerry has published a graphic novel, a few webcomics, and several short comics. He lives with his wife and new son in the suburbs of Chicago.

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