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The ship-less captain, Ivan, lost his ship, The Wave Piercer, in a game of tacks. Not one to wallow, Ivan and his crew of miscreants take a well-deserved vacation. Once Ivan meets Brandon, he figures he found a new meal ticket. Ivan coerces Artemis to hiring his crew to man Brandon’s ship. Brandon looks to Ivan as a cool pirate type in contrast to Artemis’ overbearing militaristic style of leading.

Raised by Ivan since she hatched, this feathered quadruped is more a part of Ivan’s crew than some of the actual crewmen. Known as the Torrus, these birdlike creatures are extremely effective hunters. 


Big Guy
The silent giant, is the muscle and first mate to Ivan's crew. His race, known as the Koana are mostly know for their incredible strength and height. He and Ivan met when Ivan was sentenced to death by dismemberment at the hands of Big Guy. All it took was the promise of freedom to get Big Guy to change sides. He’s been Ivan’s closest confidant ever since.

Madeline (Maddy)
Ivan’s ex-lover/ first mate, Maddy is the captain of The Scorned, an all-female smuggling ship. Maddy’s relationship with Ivan is tumultuous at best. Ivan’s constant debauchery left Maddy no choice but to remove Ivan from the captain’s chair and commandeer his ship for herself. Maddy now sails the Tarsus seas, smuggling goods and defending women from their transgressive men.

Melonie (Mel)
Maddy's first mate of The Scorned. Her passion for engineering and invention,  have led her to build weapons, modify steam engines as well as her most prized breakthrough in the field of fusion crystals. Mel is a lighthearted soul, yet rises to the call of battle. Her skills in sword play are nearly unmatched. Her inventiveness will shape the course of Brandon's journey.

Devon Vermond
Master of Arms in Ivan's crew, Devon is a dangerous pirate. He first joined the crew of The Wave Piercer after losing a bet with Ivan. The sly pirate has many allies and enemies alike. It is wise to be cautious in trusting Devon, for his loyalty is as treacherous as the Tarsus seas.

The Prince of Ganovann and son of Kromo. Joongo is sent with Artemis to assist in protecting Brandon on his journey to find the seven treasures of Tarsus. To protect The Traveler is the highest honor among the Shurikatta.

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