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The only Therestrian Guardian of the Treasures. Growing up, Tira's father would tell her the stories of how her family ancestors were given the task to protect "The Heartstone of Tarsus" by Elias, himself. As she got older, she became disenchanted by the idea of taking up her father's duty to protect the treasure. Tira made the choice to abandon her responsibility as a guardian and live by her own standards. Fate, however, places Tira in Brandon's path, changing the course of her life. 

The queen of Velorum, and the guardian of the "Braces of Heaven." High among the clouds her crystal palaces float above the seas of Tarsus. Gabriella is beautiful, vain, and powerful. It is known around the world that only the most beautiful, the strongest and the rich are invited to live among their elite society. But to her, no one is greater than herself. When she hears of Brandon's arrival, her only desire is to make him her king. Knowing her duty as a guardian, she does everything in her power to seduce Brandon and make him hers forever. 

The creator and the guardian of the Sword of Strength. Parthos is a half-giant blacksmith who lives alone on The Isle of Blades. Four hundred years ago, Elias commissioned Parthos to forge a sword unlike any other.  One made from passion, love and strength. When Elias saw the masterful artistry of Parthos' creation, he made him the protector or the Sword of Strength. Not long after, Parthos' wife became ill with a fatal disease that took her life. For the last four hundred years, Parthos has spent his days and nights forging weapons nonstop. The Isle has become a vast forest riddled with giant swords, spears and axes, making it nearly impossible for anyone to enter. 


The most powerful warlock ever known. Iligarth spent his life mastering the art of dark magic. He became obsessed with his mission to enslave the people of Tarsus. Iligarth seemed to be a force of nature sweeping across Tarsus. Elias’ last great feat as ruler of Tarsus was to put an end to Iligarth and his men. Elias and Iligarth battled for days before Elias emerged victorious. Unable to kill Iligarth, Elias imprisoned him inside a gemstone. The gemstone was sent to an uninhabited island of Horinthus and hidden deep in a volcano to remain undisturbed for eternity.

Considered a deity by the people of Tarsus, his wisdom and power over the elements deemed him a fitting guardian of the Crown of Wisdom. Elias knew his treasure would be in good hands when he entrusted Grimly with the crown. Over the years many have attempted to enter the Grim Forest and have failed. As the forest is alive by Grimly's power, creating vivid hallucinations, and puzzles, if solved incorrectly, may cost you your life. When Brandon and his crew make their way into the forest, they are faced with many obstacles that require sound minds to overcome. 

The king of Ganovann, an underground civilization known as the Shurikatta and the guardian of the Gauntlets of Faith. Kromo is the most accommodating and jovial of all of the guardians. He has created an elaborate obstacle course to test Brandon. Kromo sends his son, Joongo, to join Brandon’s crew to help protect Brandon and bring glory to the Shurikatta people. 


Known as the "Desert King." His verocity and hatred for man has been heard of across Tarsus. Long ago, Borthonsus was convinced by Elias to be his mount and companion in battle. After striking a true friendship, Borthonsus removed one of his scales to be used as a shield. After Elias’ final battle, the shield was returned to Borthonsus, he wears it near his heart as a reminder of his only friend. Years after Elias’ passing, consumed with grief and sorrow, Borthonsus lost all regard for human life.

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