Seconds after Brandon Conners nearly perishes in a head-on car wreck, he awakes to a world that is not his own, and definitely isn't the afterlife. With the ink still wet on his high school diploma, Brandon is told he could be the long-awaited Savior meant to collect the Seven Treasures of Tarsus, and bring peace to a world threatened by the maniacal pirate, Captain Jameson DeVille... Whose lust for blood is only matched by his obsession for the Seven Treasures.

Treasures of the Deep Slumber: Issue #1 First Edition

Pages: 52
Publisher: Stormwave Entertainment, LLC.
Publication date: 09/28/2019
Series: Treasures of the Deep Slumber Issue: 1
Sold by: Stormwave Entertainment, LLC.
Format: Soft Cover
Cover Art: Samuel Rivera
Rating:  A - Fantasy Violence 9 Years +
Written: Samuel Rivera | Jerry Willoughby