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In the year 2003, I was given a vision. I was wide awake, sitting in a car and suddenly saw ocean waves wash in front of my eyes. The dark blue water was choppy and mysterious. From the sea, arose stone letters reading, Treasures of the Deep Slumber. I didn't understand where this vision came from or what it meant. All I knew, was that it was special. Soon after, more visions came to me, revealing more and more of the story and the fantastical world that was being shown to me. I began drawing characters, creatures, comic book pages, and writing, developing an entire world. As the years went by, I knew I would need some help to bring this world to life. In 2012, I brought on writer, Jerry Willoughby.

Treasures of the Deep Slumber has been my passion project and dream. I have spent countless hours working to manifest this dream reality. My family and friends, as well as professional colleagues have shown considerable support. The time has finally come for everyone to experience this epic tale.

Creator - Samuel Rivera

DVM Podcast Empire: Chicago Wizard World 2013 - Interview about "Treasures of the Deep Slumber" with Sam Rivera

First drawing of Brandon Connors. (Left) 2004

Most recent drawing of Brandon. (Right) 2017

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