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Captain Jameson DeVille
Jameson’s earliest memory was being thrown overboard from his father’s boat, almost drowning, and ending up on a deserted island with no one around. He was raised by an evil spirit that had long been trapped on the island. The island was transformed into a sick and dangerous place due to the spirit. Jameson withstood the torture and eventually accepted the spirit into himself in the form of a gemstone known as the Eye of Power. With the help of the eye and what he learned on the island, Jameson was able to amass a following of every ruthless pirate and swordsman available. He believes he is the Traveler, the reincarnation of Elias the Savior. He isn’t recognized as such by the Council of the Prophecy, and has no support from them. Because of this, Jameson is forced to search the world alone to find the Seven Treasures of Tarsus. 

The Eye of Power helps Jameson gain favor over many, but comes with a terrible side effect: Jameson’s body undergoes a horrifying transformation into a terrible creature. A giant lion-like monster with near-impenetrable skin, “The Beast” has been reported to have killed hundreds - if not thousands - of men and seems to have no real motives. 

Once reports of Brandon’s arrival and the speculation that he is the Traveller, Jameson changes his focus to the singular goal of finding and killing the impostor.

The older brother of Artemis, Atheros couldn’t be more different. He is single-minded when it comes to battle. He favors ruthlessness over compassion. He is willing to sacrifice the lives of the few for the good of the many. Constant success as a general leads Atheros to quickly rise through the ranks of the Makhanan army, overshadowing his brother who favors preservation of life over all else. His attitude and battle strategy end up getting him stripped of his title and banished after a botched peace negotiation created hundreds of innocent casualties. Atheros became a man without a home, a sort of Ronin, until he met Jameson DeVille. DeVille valued Atheros’ ruthlessness more than anyone before. Atheros found his true calling as the pirate captain’s first mate and chief enforcer.

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